"A place where art and music meet, a place for the talented to inspire, express oneself and grow. Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School offers width of a thought, develops personality and opens a horizon of professional activities. The prospective artists and musicians choose Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School as one of the best schools of this kind in Latvia, since this is the place where international environment can be felt — unique curricula, contempo- rary teaching methods and technologies, outstanding teachers, guest lectures and master classes of globally recognised professionals, as well as concerts and exhibitions. All this is available in Liepāja, the most western city of Latvia that is known for its special creative aura.

Our students are decisive, curious and creative, and their achievements are based on an initiative and determination. They are eager to gain new knowledge and use all opportunities provided by the school as they recognise — they are laying the foundation stone for their future life. Our teachers are interested in transfer of their knowledge, and they are enthusiastic followers of the students’ achieve- ments by seeing Liepāja as the place where their abilities are indeed recognised. Practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as high cooperation and individual work skills make our graduates professional participants of the labour market and provide vast opportunities of further education both in Latvian and foreign higher education institutions. This is the school that does not make limits but provides knowledge and skills for personal and professional growth. Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School — a school of opportunities in the city of opportunities!"

Inga Auziņa, LMMDV School Principal

"I WILL BE...!"

..is a concept exhibition that has received Liepaja Culture Award 2018. The exhibition’s purpose was to enhance visibility of the school and introduce potential students with the education opportunities, as well as to confirm the contemporary, creative and professional character of the school.

Opening and further run of the exhibition at National Library of Latvia included different performances by both music students and art students.

Clothing created by Fashion Design students, ornaments made by Metal Design students (Also works of Leather Design and Textile Design students are included in the performance)

Master class..

in horse figure study by Ivars Heinrihsons, an artist and professor of Art Academy of Latvia and
master class in painting by Aleksejs Naumovs, an artist and professor of Art Academy of Latvia.

Christmas dance-ball

A festive speech by Principal, Inga Auziņa, at the opening of the dance-ball.
Musicians — popular and jazz music students of LMMDV.


At the end of each semester, pieces of work are evaluated in all subjects of art and design. All students present their work in drawing, painting and specialty subjects.

Class ring ceremony

A thematic ceremonial event for the last-year-students before their graduation.

Design days

Design days are an interdisciplinary experience exchange platform for the best current and future Latvian designers, field professionals and "hunters" of persons talented in design. The aim of the design days is to promote synergy of music and art, master interdisciplinary cooperation and reveal new collaboration edges among music, art and design.

Within the design days, there are qualification exams in all education programs, an exhibition of qualification works, as well as a fashion show, master classes, discussions, musical performances.

Differnt still life (painting competition)

The aim of the competition is to facilitate creative self-expression of students in painting and gain experience of participation in exhibitions.

Skills contests

Students of the school participate in competitions for young professionals, SkillsLatvia, EuroSkills and WorldSkills, demonstrating great achievements.

We are proud of our graduates: Linda Vilka who received an excellence medal at WorldSkills competition in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, in 2017, while Luīze Mihailova (photo) took the 2nd place for a showcase design at EuroSkills competition in Budapest, Hungary, in 2018.

SkillsLatvia 2019 — Danita Šķila — 1st place for clothing design
Annija Drungila — 2nd place for graphic design
Mārtiņš Kuncītis — 2nd place as a furniture maker

Teachers of our school made great contribution to professionally prepare the students for the competitions.

Masterclasses in art and design

Master classes and guest lectures in LMMDV is a great platform for professional improvement of students and teachers under guidance of well-recognised Latvian artists and designers: S Žarozo, A Naumovs, I Heinrihsons, K Brekte, A Vītoliņš, I Elere, B Ābele, I Klīdzejs, I Epnere, A Freimane a.o.

French artist Silvère Jarrosson’s workshop in painting

November 11 - DAY OF LĀČPLĒSIS

The school has established a tradition of the "Day of white shirts" on November 11 to increase patriotism. This day, the white-coloured clothing unites the students and teachers. The day usually ends with a ceremonial parade of torches the city.

Concert program for families

The sincere concert program for families has been created in cooperation of Boys’ choir of LMMDV, singer Renārs Kaupers, rhythm group and dance ensemble "Banga". Artistic director of the concert — conductor Ilze Balode. Visual image and stage setting were created by art students and teachers of LMMDV under guidance of Ivars Pilips Matisons.

Composition concert

LMMDV has renewed its past tradition to set an annual composition concert of music students. The youth were provided with an opportunity of creative expressions and to acquaint a wider public with their skills by composing both academic and jazz and popular music. The pieces of music were performed by the authors, their schoolmates and other young musicians.


Starting from 2001, Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School is an active participant and official partner school of European Lyceum Parliament (P.L.E. in France), that is an organisation which unites European vocational education schools that implement jewellery art curricula.

The European Lyceum Parliament organises a travelling jewellery art exhibition and competition to the countries of the partner schools.

Our school is the only school from Latvia and the Baltic States represented in the organisation.


A concert play in Concert hall "Lielais dzintars"

In a concert program, Girls’ choir of LMMDV in cooperation with the rhythm group and soloists, singers Zane Dombrovska and Andris Ērglis, performed the most beautiful songs from Latvian animation movies. Artistic director of the concert — conductor Andris Kontauts.

Students of the program "Stylist" under guidance of teachers, Dace Dēliņa-Lipska and Guna Stikāne, took care of an artistic image of the performers.


Golden ratio

As of 2008, there is an annual event "Golden Ratio" that includes awards for excellent achievements and implementation of master classes, guest lectures, discussions, exhibitions and concerts.

The tradition was established with an aim to speak about creative excellence and aspirations towards the ideal, proportionate and beautiful. The "Golden Ration" awards in a special ceremony are received by the most outstanding art and music graduates and teachers of LMMDV.

"Per aspera ad astra" - Pauls Irbins
"On versatility in life and music" - A discussion of Daiga Mazvērsīte, a musicologist, with the excellent composer, Imants Kalniņš

5-year anniversary concert of Big Band of LMMDV (Melngaiļskolas bigbends)

The Big Band of LMMDV spent its five-year anniversary concert with guest artists such as pianist and composer Maestro Raimonds Pauls and singers Dināra Rudāne, Zigfrīds Muktupāvels and Ralfs Eilands. Artistic director and conductor of the big band — Jānis Ivuškāns.


In LMMDV, master classes in music are held on a regular basis as this is an opportunity for students and teachers to expand their knowledge, get inspiration and learn from musicians and music teachers that provide concerts and are well known in Latvia, Europe and globally – Humberto Rios Rodriguez, Artūrs Cingujevs, Julius Kurauskas, Ilona Meija, Yorlenie Yuliset Delgado Faria, Edgars Saksons, Andrejs Osokins, Jonathan Lindhorst, Adam Rapa, Oskars Petrauskis a.o.

Master classes with Konstantīns Jemeļjanovs, a jazz trumpeter and
master classes with Andrejs Osokins, a pianist.

Jam session

Once in a month, concert hall "Lielais dzintars" (Great Amber) holds public and free improvisation evenings or jam sessions organised by LMMDV by inviting well-recognised Latvian and foreign jazz musicians as soloists. This has become an important cultural tradition of Liepāja.


Christmas concerts of LMMDV are a beautiful tradition. They involve performances of our students and teachers who allows enjoying the music that creates special festive spirit.

Photo – String ensemble at the Christmas concert in 2018.


LMMDV takes part in various creative cooperation projects. In 2016, the school’s symphony orchestra conducted by Reinis Lapsa, together with soloists and mixed choir of the National School of Art, Riga Cathedral Choir School, as well as with dancers from Riga Choreography School and Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music staged the popular musical by F Loewe and A J Lerner, My Fair Lady, and demonstrated it to spectators in Riga and Liepāja.


LMMDV takes part in various creative cooperation projects. In 2016, the school’s symphony orchestra conducted by Reinis Lapsa, together with soloists and mixed choir of the National School of Art, Riga Cathedral Choir School, as well as with dancers from Riga Choreography School and Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music staged the popular musical by F Loewe and A J Lerner, My Fair Lady, and demonstrated it to spectators in Riga and Liepāja.


International Rhythm Music Festival–Competition "Vēju ritmi" (Wind Rhythms) for Ensembles and Orchestras of Wind and Percussion Instruments, Wind of Rhythm, has been a traditional event for many years. It hasbrought to Liepāja a huge number of ensembles, big bands and orchestras from Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian music schools.


The aim of the competition is to emphasise significance of a concertmaster and popularise collective playing in piano ensembles and instrumental ensembles with a piano.


To honour the centenary of Latvia, within the project "Born in Latvia", a unique Latvian Centenary Symphony Orchestra was arranged.

It was composed of the best new Latvian musicians including students of LMMDV: Miks Akots, Helēna Eglīte, Tabita Balode, Mārtiņš Zujs, Mārtiņš Knets and Annija Elizabete Meija.

They were provided with an opportunity to improve their artistic skills together with excellent musicians that were born in Latvia and have gained popularity throughout the world, namely, Kristīne Opolais, Ksenija Sidorova and Vineta Sareika.


The Big Band of LMMDV has formed cooperation with one of the world's best jazz trumpeters Adam Rapa, and together a joint concert program was prepared and performed in May 2019 in concert hall "Lielais dzintars" (Great Amber).

During these days, Rapa provided also master classes to students of LMMDV.