"Every artist has his own Professional and individual feature which characterizes the quality of art.
Our school has almost a hundred year traditions in Art and Music. We are the only school in the region of Kurzeme where music and art educational programmes make a sinergy in the result of what the graduates of our school become an outstanding artists being recognized both in Latvia and in the world.
We are a school with progressive teaching process which is based on classical values and in the same time open to different inovations and art tendencies." I.Auziņa, LMMDV School Principal


The Centre of Competency Based Professional Education Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School organizes and participates in many different art and cultural events (biennials, museum nights, symposiums, exhibitions, concerts and others), projects (Leonardo da Vinci, Youth and Erasmus+) and competitions (in national and international levels) as well in Latvia as in foreign countries.

We are collaborating with many Vocational education institutions and Art schools in Europe - in Finland, Sweden, France, England/Scotland, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Lithuania and Estonia. We have realized students and staff exchange and practice programs with many of these schools.

For many years our school as the only school from Baltic States is a competent member of European Lyceum Parliament – PLE (France). Every year Department of Metal Design takes part in jewelry competitions and meetings.

Also for young generation is being provided music and art education in Children Art and Music schools for children from 5th till 9th grade, where pupils can express themselves in different spheres of art and music and get ready for studies in The Centre of Competency Based Professional Education Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School.

If you are interested in cooperation, for example sending yours and hosting our students, staff, exchange good practices, compare education system and working methods in professional art education, career support, please do not hesitate to contact us!


To promote the creativity in the context of Latvia and the world, to ensure quality and competitive education in Music, Art and Design which helps to educate excellent artists both in Art and Music.


A competitive educational centre both in national and international level what makes competitive and excellent artists with the help of highly qualified teachers, innovative technologies in the cooperation with students, their parents high school teachers employers, self government and state institutions. LMMDV like a regional culture and methodical centre contributes to the quality of culture education, art and creative industries and to the cultural preservation and accessibility in public interests.

Art & Design

Liepaja Secondary Art School was founded in 1926 based on applied arts, with 4 specializations: Color, Fiber, Clay and Wood. Since then school has changed its name several times and developed other study programs.

From 1st of September 2016 school is reorganized by combining two schools from music and art field, now running as Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School. Latvian republic Cabinet of ministers assigned for school status of The Centre of Competency Based Professional Education from 1st of January 2017.

One of the school main aims is to promote knowledge, skills and attitudes, which provides acquisition of vocational education and preparing professionals in music and art industry with theoretical knowledge and practical skills ready to get involved in labor market.

At this moment school offers four-year secondary vocational education (after the 9th grade in elementary school) and two-year upper-secondary vocational education (after the 12th grade in secondary school) in one of the following specialties:

Students learn a variety of subjects in professional and secondary education:
1. General syllabus – Mathematics, Latvian language and literature, Foreign languages - English, French, German, Psychology, Informatics, Technical drawing, History, History of culture, History of art, Design basics, Business basics, Sport.
2. Special syllabus – Drawing, Painting, Language of art, Font lesson, Graphic design, Photo, Computer graphics, Modeling.
3. Professional syllabus – Composition, Studies of specialty, Practical training, Study practice, Qualification practice.

In the final year of studies students have to realize diploma work – technical project and work in material, to receive diploma with a qualification of a designer in the chosen specialty.


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Legal address:
Ausekļa iela 11/15, Liepaja, LV-3401, Latvia
Other addresses:
Alejas iela 18/20 (Art education programs)
Toma iela 23/25 (Art education programs)
Radio iela 8 (Music education programs)
Ausekļa iela 11/15 (Music and general education programs)

Fax +371 634 22333
Phone +371 634 22330
e-mail: info@lmmdv.edu.lv

Contact person regarding project implementation:
Project manager (art) Inga Kuncīte
Mob: +371 29604489
e-mail: inga.kuncite@lmmdv.edu.lv